Memory of a Monday


I found an old journal/lyric/story book of mine and found this story/poem I wrote last fall. It reminded me of today so I thought I’d share…


Monday…ugh…begin the new week. Cold wind, rain on my cheek. The joyful sun now caged in grey. Even the birds await to sing on a better day. People mope about wishing for warmth. They gripe about the pressing storm. The Monday blues have swept over all like a wild inferno. 

Not much life stands today. Grey ashes cover the pathway. Lights are on inside. Smoke billows out the chimney as children gaze longingly outside hoping the sun will soon triumph. Through all this bleakness a bright ray appears. A strange sight for all. They wonder what could possibly make the grey retreat…

…A bright smile and a warm hug…

So the sun’s not out and the cold bites your skin. You want nothing to do with what’s within. Yet, precious moments are passing quickly as new ones draw near. This smile and hug are products of joy…a concoction of love for every minute lived. When all else fails there’s still someone else who has it worse. So dust yourself off and embrace one another. No regret is key. You’ll never know if you never try. Precious time is ticking by.

Monday is closing now. Just moments to spare. Take a stand and make someone’s day brighter.


Kinda makes sense if you don’t think about it 🙂 Anywho…sorry this isn’t a super deep post with anything outstanding or enlightening but my brain is kinda fried for school…maybe soon I will have another cool epiphany I can share. Until then, goodnight and God bless!


About somewhatexcitingadventures

I am a relatively outgoing person and I love to have fun and joke around. I am in love with Jesus and I live my life for Him. Math is my heart and I am blessed to be able to share it with students every day. I am a country girl through and through. I love anything that has to do with the outdoors. My favorites are fishing, hunting, target shooting, and hiking. I also love music. It's definitely the fastest way to my heart! I play guitar and write my own songs. I also love working on cars and watching sports. As for career aspirations, I love teaching and one day hope to be in administration. Kids are the future and we are responsible for making sure they are prepared to lead us!

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