About Me

Born in the middle of Utah, I grew up in a family that followed the construction boom. I have lived in several states including Utah, Idaho, and Missouri. I graduated from School of the Osage High School and continued my education at Southwest Baptist University where I obtained a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and Middle School Mathematics. I began my teaching career at Buffalo Prairie Middle School in Buffalo Missouri where I taught 6th grade math for two years. I then landed my dream job at Bolivar Middle School teaching 8th grade math and Algebra I. I am currently attending Southwest Baptist University for graduate studies and should graduate in the Summer of 2017 with my masters in administration.

My Family

I have been married to my best friend for 2 years and I love him more every day. I also love being a part of his family. I have a niece and nephew on his side that live close and I spend as much time as I can with them. I am very close to my immediate family. I am the youngest of five, three of which are half siblings. My dad is a disabled veteran and served in the Vietnam war. With this service came him paying the price of his health and he is now military retired and disabled. My mother has Cerebral Palsy on her left side and is disabled. I love them both dearly and spend every minute I can with them. I have a half sister who lives in Washington with my niece and  two nephews. My other half siblings live in Alaska. My sister is currently attending college in Rolla, MO. I also have a dog, Zo, who is a big part of our family. She is a French Brittany Spaniel and she is the queen of our house, or so she thinks.

My Current Activities

I enjoy a wide variety of activities including video games, music, crafts, and Amateur Radio. My entire immediate family has always been actively involved in Amateur Radio. I got my license when I was 10 years old! I am also a weather spotter through this and am part of the Amateur Radio Emergency Service and are on call for the Department of Homeland Security if needed in the event of a national emergency to provide communication. We have a huge radio station that we completed this summer. I also have a deep passion for music. I play the flute and acoustic guitar and I write my own songs. In addition to these I love art. It’s a great escape from reality when I begin painting. My favorite activity, however, is just spending time with my husband and watching Netflix.

My Dreams and Goals

I have many goals and aspirations. I plan on obtaining my Masters Degree in Educational Administration and never stop learning and doing everything I do with all my heart and soul. My biggest dream is to visit Alaska and possibly move there to satisfy my love of snow.

Leo and I enjoying the winter weather.


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